Day 79. Imperial shock

I suddenly start sobbing. „No way, this can’t be… is this? Really? No way!“ I keep repeating words like that over and over again. I am sitting in my packraft, looking down past the crest of Imperial Dam. Below, there is a little green lake, and then a small creek exiting it shyly in between some high reeds. The Colorado River? Really? The same river that has washed me through raging rapids in Grand Canyon only a few weeks ago?

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Day 77. My sandy beach in the desert

I start early and paddle steady. I reach my camp at around noon and then I enjoy the entire afternoon on my own little private sandy beach in the desert. The water down here seems clean and nice again and I dip into it over and over again. It is a great and relaxing afternoon. The Pichacho area is wild and quiet, something I did not expect to get again down here, so I enjoy it all the more. At night I awake to burrows groaning very near my tent. I actually get out to grab my paddle, that is still down by the water, in case I will have to fight them off. Of course, in the morning this seems funny to me, but that’s what nighttime sounds to you sometimes…

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Day 76. Too much sun

Started at 6:15. Late but with a real coffee (thanks to Lori). I paddle through sort of dirty water and there is lots of trash on the riversides, but otherwise it is nice and quiet. I take a lunch break with a nap on a sandy beach on the Arizona side, but leave soon as I am afraid to be trespassing on angry farmers land (I have heard they shoot sometimes). The sun is strong and I am getting very tired, staying groggy pretty much all day and not wanting to get into the water, where I can see all the outlets of wastewater from the farmland flowing in every other mile.

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Day 71 and Day 72. They are having a kind of blast

I wake up at first light and pack my Kayak. The birdsong is incredible and when I look up from my packing, a Coyote comes out of the brush behind where my tent had been and sniffs around curiously. He looks up at me and it seems I don’t bother him much. Then he elegantly disappears again, making me feel as if he had just been an apparition. But I see his tracks all over the ground and have left a big smile on my face that I take downriver with me. The Topock Gorge that I now paddle through is beautiful. I laugh out loud at the beavers playing and splashing right next to my boat at one time. I take my time and make the most of this last beautiful stretch before hitting the resorts of Lake Havasu with all their motorized traffic. I take a long lunch break, do yoga in the shade of a pretty rock formation and take a nap.

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