Day 82. Resting

I am at the library again. Libraries have proved to be a great place of refuge on this trip. Books and focused silence create a good atmosphere to calm me down. Following my self created steps the other day, that I can now humorously look back upon, I have found some good places in Yuma, and am beginning to feel a little better.

This morning I found the Press Cafe, a friendly place with good breakfast, fair trade coffee, no plastic and good music. And then, to my surprise, I actually found a huge local farmers market. They even sell produce in bulk, so without packaging and I was able to stock up on nuts, cereal and some other fresh local fruit and vegetables, that I can eat along the way. I still use the ZipLock bags that have come across the Alps and the Pyrenees with me and am amazed at how durable they are.

I have actually worked some on the settings of this blog. I hadn’t noticed it’s poor structure and format on the main page. Now you can find older posts easier and scroll back in my journey, as I have added a link to „continue reading“ on each post. Sometimes that type of work is very good for a troubled mind, I find. It’s productive and one can see the changes happening, no matter how insignificant.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the many messages of support I have received over the last few days. It is truly motivating to hear that you are following my journey, it somehow makes me feel better too.

I am beginning to plan my way south from here. After the gates of Morales Dam, all that is left in the riverbed is all irrigation runoff and only a little bit of actual water, and that soon runs dry too. I don’t know yet how much of the 80 miles that are ahead of me before I reach the Sea of Cortez, will be on dry soil.

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