Day 78. Intellectual desert

I know, my blogposts these days serve as nothing but a logbook. But that’s all I can gather the energy to do these days. Bear with me, there will be other entries again, I am sure. My days are challenging currently, especially with regards to the intellectual depression I go through down here. Some of the images below (all from Fishers Landing) may tell you more.

Today I paddle to Fishers Landing, where I leave the kayak with Mister Grey, an 82 year old very friendly guy. He will take care of it until Helen comes down here on the weekend to pick it up.

I spend the afternoon listening to Greys stories about his big kayaking and hiking days days up in Alaska. He lives in a caravan at Fishers Landing, collecting the fees from campers on two days a week, saving his money to go for another big trip on a river again. He describes himself as a „misplaced hermit“.

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