Day 76. Too much sun

Started at 6:15. Late but with a real coffee (thanks to Lori). I paddle through sort of dirty water and there is lots of trash on the riversides, but otherwise it is nice and quiet. I take a lunch break with a nap on a sandy beach on the Arizona side, but leave soon as I am afraid to be trespassing on angry farmers land (I have heard they shoot sometimes). The sun is strong and I am getting very tired, staying groggy pretty much all day and not wanting to get into the water, where I can see all the outlets of wastewater from the farmland flowing in every other mile.

Today’s good new are, that my new solar panel works like no other I have had before in my life. It is charging my phone in only two hours. I messages back and forth with James, who is going to meet me on the weekend, help me around Imperial Dam and paddle down to Morales Dam with me, where I will be crossing the border into Mexico. James is another person I have Never met but who has offered to help me out, as he has helped other source-to-sea trippers.

When I get to Oxbow Lake and the Palo Verde County Park Campsite (the first sort of unfriendly hosts and only maybe one or two other guests) I am so tired, that I just set up my tent and go to sleep for 3.5 hours. I wake up around 5, do yin yoga for one hour, make dinner, drink 2 liters of water, get into the tent, write and sleep.

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