Day 67 and Day 68. Women in the wind

It has been great to have the company of my friend Abbey, the Grand Canyon firefighter whom I met hitchhiking in Utah. She has come down to paddle a section of the Black Canyon with me and we had a blast. We floated and chatted, we hiked and climbed, we cooked and drank wine, we jumped naked from cliffs, we collected more trash, took naps in the sand and scrambled down a sketchy rock a little drink in the dark. Most memorably we laughed and cheered as we were paddling against the fierce winds, with our long hair getting all tangled. What a pleasure to have other badass females like her in my life. Thank you Abbey!

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  1. Hi Ana, Just wanted to let you know we have been following your travels and enjoying your photos and commentary. Yeah!
    Karen and David from the OARS trip

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