Day 38 and 39. Training Seminar with the Grand Canyon River Guides

If anyone asks me, what my favorite part of this trip has been so far, it is impossible for me to answer that. Because there have been so many different „favorites“ of all different kinds up until now. I am about halfway down the river, and I can only imagine how many more favorite moments I will be having. What I can not imagine, and that is the best of all, is what taste, shape and color those upcoming favorites will provide for me…

However, today I want to write about a new favorite, that is sucking me in this weekend. And it doesn’t just provide some literally great tastes, but also wonderfully colorful people and a rich variety knowledge.

I am participating in the Grand Canyon River Guides (GCRG) annual training seminar for River Guides. A full weekend with talks and presentations on the current, historical and future joys and challenges of the Grand Canyon, which is the upcoming very special stretch of the Colorado River. The immeasurable information was provided by scientists, Native Americans, river runners, NGOs and park service representatives and I am amazed at how intelligently it has been programmed by the GCRG.

I am particularly fascinated by the amount of love and kinship that reverberates among these people of the river. There is a strong sense of community and I am instantly being welcomed in, as if I was one of them.

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