Day 36. Glen Canyon Dam

We cook a great breakfast at the „glamping“ cooking site of the Kokopelli crew and I am sooo happy to get eggs into me.

Then I go into the town of Page, to get a tour of Glen Canyon Dam, the first really huge dam on the Colorado River coming downstream. The dam is a federally owned facility and starting the tour we are passing through a metal detector. Armed guards are in place everywhere. This is strangely fitting, as the whole structure is so brutal, such a radical structure cutting through this rivers life and literally cutting it apart.

In the evening we go out on the lake for another photoshoot in the sunset.

Out there I think of my new friend, the firefighter Abbey, who gave me this very cool hat from her firefighting flight crew. After a few challenging days, I appreciate it even more to remember how easy and full of trust and companionship my time with Abbey was. I am hoping she will come along on a part of my trip further downstream.

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