Day 34. Looking down into her depth

I slept so well in my new tent. Abbey, Jordan and I do Yoga together and I love sharing the practice with such fabulous people.

Then they go to work and Abbey lends me her bike to go explore the area. And I do. I find some more silent spots to look down into the Grand Canyon. Uplifting, is an expression that comes into my mind, for lack of a better word. Just looking into the depth creates an inner feeling of flying. But generally I can never quite find a connection to my natural surroundings, when they are spoiled with masses of concrete and bright colored and noisy people. And the Grand Canyon National Park has certainly made this place into more of a Circus of tourist attractions, then a place of peace and contemplation, as the nature would suggest.

On my way back to Page I see another beautiful sunset. Then I set up my tent in the dark, not noticing all the cactuses around, resulting in the first hole in my sleeping pad…

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