Day 29. Malcolm Love

Here in town I am staying with a fabulous human being and probably the most colorful individual of the entire 250 people town. Malcolm Love is an artist of life, a strong character and one of those people who are loved by everyone. The moment I meet him I notice his warm brown eyes, that have this very bright sparkle in them. It is immediately clear to me, that he must have quite a life story and I soon find out he does… I will not talk to much about that here, as I would not give it the appropriate attention. But I can put it this way: Malcolms life has put him through some extremely tough things. But instead of giving up, he is letting them make him grow and it seems that only since he has come into this town of Boulder (according to him because he was told to do that in a dream) he is finding the peace he deserves and is regaining his energy.

And man, this guy is energetic. All the kids in town love him, and I guess so do their parents. He describes himself as the „one-man-gay community“ in the traditionally conservative town, he dances in the dumpsters and teaches the kids he babysits to be self-confident and sassy.

Until the current blizzard passes, he has invited me to hang out with him in his cozy tiny house. We dance like crazy, cook, do yoga and tell each other all about our lives. It is another one of these once in a lifetime encounters.

Apart from many other things (like driving Tibetan monks across the US for 4 years, being a professional dancer for rave festivals or volunteering to help veterans and traumatized youth) Malcolm has been a poet. When he recites one about a relationship that had fallen apart, I am very impressed with the way he elegantly juggles words while staying emotional and being very cool at the same time.

I feel comfortable around him and I am grateful for all our conversations and the insights he grants me into his vast personality.

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