Day 27. Gone fishing

I have had a windy night out back in the desert. I felt like if my sleeping bag wasn’t zippered around me, it probably would have been blown away… So I am happy to come into the empty lodges lobby for an early coffee.

I climb up into the pickup truck, with Cherie, all set with her visor and Winnie the Poh sweater, and Jim, with his checkered flannel shirt and straw hat, and we head down towards the Marina, their motor boat and fishing gear in tow.

When we pulled out of the Marina, Jim proudly lets the motor roar and we speed across the lake, creating waves that reverberate back and forth between the walls of the narrow lake. I must admit that I am loving the speed and the wind in my hair.

We pull into several Canyons and Cherie and Jim try to catch some fish. They have had a very successful day out here yesterday and once it becomes clear the fish are not in the mood to bite today, Cherie starts showing me pictures of yesterday’s catch. They had caught nine stripers and a walleye.

We also see a blue heron, certainly one of the days highlights for me. It is a tall and lanky bird, with a sense of humor and in some funny way it reminds me of my dad.

When Cherie drops me off at the gas station in Bullfrog, she holds my hands and prays for me. I am grateful for this day. It was a physical and mental vacation, while I was still able to see parts of Lake Powell.

There is a big storm coming up, that is supposed to stay around for a few days. Not just for that reason I have decided against paddling the entire 186 miles (300 km) of the Reservoir, which has no current. Instead I am hitchhiking up into the region of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument.

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