Day 24. Desert

It’s been a few days again, and to be honest, I haven’t written much those last days. I have felt stressed out by the thought of „having“ to write.

So I have made a decision that you may not like, much but that feels necessary for me at this point in my trip. I will stop with this feeling obliged to report here. Instead I will still be posting something about every day of this trip, but it will be much more focused on images, followed by little descriptions and notes.

I have found that the quality of my writing suffers from the pressure of feeling „obliged“ to post full accounts of my days. Instead I will now occasionally write something in more depth, when I feel like it.

Here are some impressions from my 24th Day, that I have spent hiking in the desert.

I hike down towards „The Fins“ an impressive formation of straight , that reaches up into the sky like blades. Unfortunately I can not find a passage down into the Canyon, so I decide to stay up and hike along the rim.

I find so many miracles in the desert today and I just stop to marvel at them every other step. It takes me long to get anywhere today, but a I am enjoying my pace, finally not feeling rushed.

This is about the closest I have seen to a flower out here in the desert. Beautiful too, just in a very different way.

The name of the formation above is „The mother and child“. Makes sense, right?

My hairstyle after seven days in the desert without any way to wash my hair. I kind of love it. I am beginning to feel like a true cave woman.

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