Day 20. Rain rain rain on the river

Even though it had looked promising at sunrise, the moment I get onto the water in the morning it starts raining. And it doesn’t stop all day. So all I do is paddle, paddle, paddle. The current is slow and after a while I am so tired, that I power nap in the boat over and over and again, waking up only when a branch brushes the boat or nearby ducks croak loudly. Then I go at it again, paddle hard until my arms are aching, all in the rain. I don’t even care to look left or right much anymore, I just keep rowing. It is a tough and long day. I spend over 10 hours on the water with no breaks, other then my weird little naps.

When I set up camp I am sort of beside myself. The only good thing about the rain is that I find a little stream of running water. Luckily I find a large boulder for shelter from the never ending downpour. But once I have managed to set up the tent with stiff hands, I only crawl into my sleeping bag, cook a quick dinner, try to take an acceptable selfie (why??) and I am off.

I wake at night, listening to the rain and wondering if it will ever stop. Then I try to look at the bright side. On the river in my goretex drysuit, the rain isn’t so bad after all. Hiking, I would probably be soaked through. I tell myself that its all good the way it is over and over again, and then I fall back to sleep.

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