Day 14. Red Rock, I guess?

I do not take a lot of time to look around today. I don’t even taken a single picture. Instead I just paddle, paddle, paddle. The weather is still challenging parts of the way. But the biggest challenge is, that all my gear is wet and so am I. Plus, my elbow has been aching ever since last night, no idea what this is. I think I need a break. And that is what I am getting now.

I am pretty sure it is beautiful where I was. I remember how the rocks grew higher and higher and got redder and redder as I came down the river towards Moab. Halfway down the 20 mile stretch I decide that I will come back to float a part of this section with the adequate attention.

When my elbow gets worse with every stroke I check for the next possible takeout for a much needed lunch break. I find one that is called Jackass Canyon and seeing that name makes it obvious for me to get out there… In a way I love how I am feeling and all the mud I have all over myself and my gear doesn’t bother me anymore. I am back!

For the last couple of miles into town, the river runs next to a highway again for a while. Just the feeling that I could get out anytime, propels me on. Finally I am getting off the river in Moab. I will stay here for a few days because there is so much to do and see around here.

But now, all that counts is this hot shower, that dry clean bed and a good Trailfork Meal. Then I am going to clean all my stuff and hang it to dry, and tomorrow? Tomorrow I will do nothing.

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