Day 71 and Day 72. They are having a kind of blast

I wake up at first light and pack my Kayak. The birdsong is incredible and when I look up from my packing, a Coyote comes out of the brush behind where my tent had been and sniffs around curiously. He looks up at me and it seems I don’t bother him much. Then he elegantly disappears again, making me feel as if he had just been an apparition. But I see his tracks all over the ground and have left a big smile on my face that I take downriver with me. The Topock Gorge that I now paddle through is beautiful. I laugh out loud at the beavers playing and splashing right next to my boat at one time. I take my time and make the most of this last beautiful stretch before hitting the resorts of Lake Havasu with all their motorized traffic. I take a long lunch break, do yoga in the shade of a pretty rock formation and take a nap.

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Day 67 and Day 68. Women in the wind

It has been great to have the company of my friend Abbey, the Grand Canyon firefighter whom I met hitchhiking in Utah. She has come down to paddle a section of the Black Canyon with me and we had a blast. We floated and chatted, we hiked and climbed, we cooked and drank wine, we jumped naked from cliffs, we collected more trash, took naps in the sand and scrambled down a sketchy rock a little drink in the dark. Most memorably we laughed and cheered as we were paddling against the fierce winds, with our long hair getting all tangled. What a pleasure to have other badass females like her in my life. Thank you Abbey!

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Day 62 to Day 66. Entering the Dam(n) Country

It is great to take a real shower and sleep in a real bed. And there is laundromat to finally wash my clothes in something other than the silty water of the Colorado River. And then there is Izzy, and she is the best part of all this. I had known I would like her when we first met at Pearce Ferry. She is a shining advocate of this river and although she sometimes struggles with the seeming hopelessness of it all, she is putting in a lot of effort to preserving the Black Canyon. It is my upcoming section and probably the last little bit of wilderness the Colorado River has left on my journey downstream.

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Day 58 to Day 61. Paddling Lake Mead

I am not really in the mood for writing today… I need time to process the Grand Canyon and don’t want to stare at a screen, typing, while I do. Instead I will enjoy the easy paddling (as long as there’s no wind) in the pastel solitude of this lake. The occasional motorboat doesn’t bother me much. I will just keep on paddling, and than,s to the sea Kayak I have gotten from Izzy at Desert Adventures I should reach the Boulder City Marina in two days (or with wind in three). I will continue writing when I get there (see below pics) and fill this space with pictures of my journey instead. Continue reading “Day 58 to Day 61. Paddling Lake Mead”